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Appeal to the type of clients and customers that you want! Tired of getting the wrong people buying your product and wish you had that the right people buying your product or services at the right price in the right style. Abstract Azure uses customer personas to narrow down your target audience and appeal to the customers you want, faster!


In todays market there's lots of competition out there! Abstract Azure analyzes the market for your company/brands' field and works her knowledge into her designs towards making your brand/company stand out from the rest. Make yourself known, stand out from your competitors and hire Abstract Azure, today!


Researching is one of the fundamental processes in design. Without it, a logo can lack direction and meaning. Abstract Azure takes the time to research everything she can about the field her client is in so that she can find the best way to communicate your brand and attract the right customers. 


Sarah Hanchar - The Thread End Co.

I really enjoyed working with Kayla. She took the time to understand what I wanted for my business logo, even when I had no idea what I wanted. She asked lots of questions about my products and gave me a variety of samples to choose from so that my style and brand was represented in every possible way. I ended up choosing two of her designs because I loved them both so much! She’s even given me suggestions on how to package my products. I will be working with her again in the future and would definitely recommend her!

Joshua Pantalleresco - Writer/Author

Kayla is a consummate professional. A talented artist, with a wonderful imagination. I enjoyed working with her, and appreciated the unicorn she made for me. She has great range is someone that I would work with again anytime, any chance. She's special, and worth hiring.

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